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Mountain Racing

Have fun, be safe, keep learning

Mountain Racing started as a ski school program in the winter of 2017.  Growing out of interest to take Nordic Navigators to the next level, it was a learning opportunity.  Now operating independently of Nordic, and a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization, we race at Little Switz, Granite Peak, and Brule. 

Our primary focus is training.  Competing is optional, we start with recreational Nastar races found at many ski areas nation wide. 

Next Steps

Using Nastar as our standard, racers that consistently achieve Gold or better times can then consider competing in a US Ski and Snowboard race at Ski Brule, Michigan in March.  Maintaining a Gold or Platinum time opens up opportunity to participate in other US Ski and Snowboard competitions.



We look for 3 things;

  • Fanatical about skiing

  • Available to ski and be friendly

  • Teachable - a drive to keep learning, no matter how great our results may be there is more to learn.

Racers must have skied 8 or more times or completed at least one 4 week Navigators session in the last 2 seasons and can ride the chairlift by themselves before racing.    Please have your kids (8-17) join us this season as we train and practice for high speed adventure.  Our goal with Mountain Racing is to first create great skiers, then create great racers! 

Ski weekly and often

Mountain Racing is a drills based race program, meaning 3/4 of our time is skiing and 1/4 of our time is in gates.  Why?  Skiing doesn't improve inside a race course, skiing level usually drops in half because the focus needs to be on the course!  Naturally we do ski gates, hero gates, and brush courses, just not as much as we do drills and exercises.

Off Snow Training

Kids are busy and we respect that.  We understand that other sports are a part of life!  We view that as cross training, more fitness opportunity that benefits our program. 



If you are looking for more ski related fitness, we recommend you check out Rollerblade's Skate to Ski!

Skate to Ski PDF


Looking to get ready for the season?  You are not alone, in fact Ski magazine put together an 8 week get ski fit program to have you ready for the season!

Ski Fitness


Once you are ready to ski, the Skills Quest Fitness test is the next step.

Skills Quest Fitness

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