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Meet the Coaches


Coach Mike

An avid and excellent telemark skier, new to having his heel locked down, Mike is excited to help your kids improve their skiing and develop a passion for this life-long sport.  Mike is a level 100 coach and has been involved with the Mountain Racing team since 2018 when his son began racing and his daughter is also on the team. 


The Vision

Great skiers can be great racers.  Excellence is our goal, through hard work, high repetition drills and lots of fun, we keep learning.  Coaches are learning too.  Being nationally certified coaches brings a unique perspective to sliding on snow.  Let's learn together, see you on the snow!


Certified US Ski & Snowboard   coach, official, and referee

Executive Director Coach Matt is a certified ski instructor, a certified children's specialist with Professional Ski Instructors of America, has taught skiing for 20 years and led ski staff training for 10 years.  He has skied or snowboarded in 16 states and is now learning about ski racing.  Also a US Ski & Snowboard level 100 race coach, a certified snowboard instructor, and certified telemark instructor, come learn with us as we explore the mountain and take some fast runs through fun courses!

Coaches Paul and Susie

Paul and Susie are both Level 100 certified coaches.  They are leading the team, and have been involved with the Mountain Racing team since their daughter started racing in 2017.  They are extremely passionate about skiing and they look forward to helping the kids on the team have fun, become better skiers and learn about ski racing. 

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Coach Noah

Noah is taking a hiatus from coaching this season to fulfill his National Guard duties, but he is still involved on the Board.  Also a certified ski instructor and level 100 coach, he is a graduate of Oshkosh in Aeronautics.  He flies on snow and off!  A staff Trainer at Nordic, Noah is an experienced racer and a strong leader bringing his experience to our racers. 

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