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We ski and train at Nordic Mountain in Wild Rose, WI, please visit the Nordic site to get a seasons pass.

If you'd like to purchase team gear, SquadLocker produces that for us.  Team coats are available to buy for racers skiing consistent Gold or better Nastar times.


Our training and events calendar can be found on the Race Training page.  As a Google calendar, you can subscribe to it.

As a US Ski & Snowboard team all racers can register with and have a General alpine membership ($30).  Join US Ski & Snowboard

Nastar Ski racing is available at many ski resorts, one course we frequent is at Little Switzerland in Slinger.  Registering with Nastar ahead of time and bringing your Nastar number saves time at the race and allows others to see your times remotely.  Only register with Nastar once, that same number is good each season after.  Register with NastarIf you've forgotten your Nastar number, look it up here.

Gold Team Racers at a consistent Gold or better timing in Nastar will need to get their full season competitors license ($95+central dues) which is required to compete and participate in US Ski races, US Ski camps, and Skills Quest events.  Join US Ski & Snowboard

If a racer with general membership needs to upgrade mid season to a competitors license, call 435-647-2666 and talk to Jennie or Sheryl.  Either a full season license or a single event daily ($30/day) license can be obtained.

Central Division has regional dues for Alpine Competitors ($95) in addition to the license ($95) for competing in the midwest, those ($190+) are collected when you get your competition License from US Ski & Snowboard

All the events available in Central from US Ski & Snowboard can be found here. Many are invite only.

To register for a US Ski & Snowboard race or event, login and click Athlete Event Registration.  If that link is not available from your account, call 435-647-2666 to obtain a competitors license.

Friends and family like to keep up on your racers activity, their race times are available if you provide the race and the ski area for both Nastar and US Ski races.  View Live-timing 


The U.S. Center for SafeSport has complied age-appropriate training information designed for the parent and child to review together.  Please consider looking through this PDF for more information on keeping our kids safe.


All Mountain Racing coaches and volunteers are required to register with US Ski & Snowboard, take SafeSport training, undergo a federal background check, and go through basic online avalanche training each season.

Please watch this SafeSport video and discuss with your racer.  For more information about SafeSport within USS&S, visit this page on the website.

Avalanche training is now required for all coaches, volunteers, and athletes over 17.  As great skiers, we tend to be on the steepest terrain.  This training is accessible from your US Ski and Snowboard login.  Additional training and info is available below from these websites:

Know Before You Go



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